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Do you run office ergonomics training for your staff but still have high levels of muscle pain or eye strain with your team?

Do you have twinges and aches after working on your computer all day?

Have you spent a fortune on expensive ergonomic furniture, posters, brochures, software, checklists and videos … but nothing seems to work?

Research shows that less than 10% of call centre agents implement ergonomic training they have attended into their day-to-day jobs. This figure also applies across all managers and workers in different industries and jobs.

People know the theory, but the knowledge doesn’t make it into practice.

You may have the best equipment in the world, but unless people know how to correctly adjust it through personalised training designed to meet the challenges their role entails, your investment is wasted.

As a result, over 86% of call centre staff report some level of musculoskeletal pain or discomfort. This leads to absence, turnover and WorkCover claims.

It isn’t your fault, or the fault of your team. It is simply the result of training delivered in the wrong way, using the wrong methods.

Ergonomics Training that Works!

Practical Ergonomics is a training company and consultancy established by Dr Elizabeth Kirk. Dr Kirk completed her PhD in determining why existing office ergonomics training fails, and what should be done instead.

Her program has gone through rigorous testing and trials, and has been proven to deliver vastly superior results than anything currently available on the market.


Reduction in neck pain


Reduction in shoulder pain


Reduction in upper back pain


Reduction in lower back pain

These results were achieved with zero additional expenditure on new furniture, lighting or equipment or wellness programs (e.g. seated massages). This was simply effective ergonomics training in practice!

Practical Ergonomics is proudly associated with the following peak industry bodies and associations

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