About Practical Ergonomics

Practical Ergonomics is an office ergonomics training and consultancy firm, founded by Dr Elizabeth Kirk (PhD) in 2014. Originally called The Corporate Body Institute, it was renamed Practical Ergonomics in 2015.

Dr Elizabeth Kirk (PhD)

Elizabeth is one of Australia’s leading researchers and trainers in skill based office ergonomics, with a special interest in call centres.

Elizabeth started her career with a degree in human movement, before moving into experiential training and development.

Working as an In-House Trainer and Contact Centre Agent with a major Brisbane call centre ignited her passion for exploring why existing office ergonomic interventions were not delivering results.

This resulted in Elizabeth undertaking a PhD at the University of Queensland, on the topic “Building Safe Computer Use Skills Training as a Management Strategy for Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Computer Users.”

Her ground-breaking office ergonomic research in seven call centres resulted in her receiving the Dean’s Award in 2013 at The University of Queensland.

Elizabeth delivers her evidence based office ergonomics training to call centres, government agencies, solopreneurs and businesses across Australia.

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