Office Ergonomics Training

Fine-tune Your Office Workspace

Moving from “What do I need to know” to “How do I need to feel”.

Fine Tune Your Office Workplace helps office based workers discover how to easily adjust their workspace for maximum comfort and health, using tools they carry with them everywhere – their bodies.

Our training is fun, interactive and highly memorable. Workers will be able to instantly apply their learning in the workplace as well as in their home.

What office based team members will discover:

  • How to judge the best possible position of their furniture and equipment using their body as a guide.
  • Commonly found awkward work postures and the link to musculoskeletal pain.
  • Mental and physical practice of skills so they become second nature.
  • Personalised mentoring to fine-tune posture, sitting and workstations on the job.
  • How a comfortable and relaxed work posture actually feels in their body when they are working.
  • Simple and easy work hacks to adjust their workstation without needing expensive new furniture or gadgets, or to adjust overhead lighting.
  • How to troubleshoot pain and discomfort, so they know what is causing their pain, and how they can personally fine-tune their work station to minimise the issue.
Office Ergonomics managers, solopreneurs & home offices

Course Structure

The program is delivered over three focused sessions.

Our group sessions last approximately an hour and our one-on-one sessions, conducted at the individual’s workstation, take approximately 15 minutes.

These programs can be scheduled as separate meetings or lunchtime sessions, or delivered all together as one full morning or afternoon program.

Office Ergonomics managers, solopreneurs & home offices

Session 1: Office Ergonomic Foundations (Group – 60 minutes)

  • Overview of essential knowledge and skills.
  • Demonstration and practice of essential skills.
  • Group problem solving.

Session 2: Personalised Mentoring (One-on-one – 15 minutes)

  • Skills refinement to meet individual needs at the workstation.
  • Adjustments made based on the worker’s personal body shape, equipment and needs.
  • Feedback on current work habits, routines and work posture.

Session 3: Troubleshooting (Group – 60 minutes)

  • Diagnostic tools that identify problems, causes and solutions.
  • Demonstration and practice of problem identification and solutions.
  • Review of in-house WH&S procedures.

Client Feedback 

Elizabeth Kirk has developed a program that takes office ergonomics and safety to a new level by training individuals in applying skills and knowledge to their own work situation. We have used this program in our office and it works.  This program appears to be unique in ensuring the individual worker understands how to apply techniques in safe computer and workspace through proper training and follow up.  The feedback from staff has been very positive”.

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