One-on-One Ergonomics Training

Fine-tune Your Personal Workspace

Moving from “What do I need to know” to “How do I need to feel”.

Fine Tune Your Personal Workplace is a one-on-one training session for solopreneurs, writers, virtual assistants, and business owners who spend a lot of time on their computers.

This is an intensely targeted session held in your office or workspace to help you discover how to easily adjust your workspace for maximum comfort and health, using tools you carry with you everywhere – your body.

We will take an in-depth look at your working environment and the tools that you use every day.

We will explore your method of working, as well as issues that you experience such as your personal pain and tension points.

You will not only discover how to set up your workspace now and in the future, you will also learn the specific stretches and behaviours that your body needs.

What we find is that because the session is so intensely personal and targeted, we often make changes that resolve pain and tension that may have been there for decades.

Clients tell us that years of doctors, physios and masseurs had never delivered the results that we provide in just this one simple session.

The best bit is that the changes are immediate and the new skills that are learned are permanently embedded.

Our one-on-one training is fun, interactive and highly memorable.

Office Ergonomics Training, managers, solopreneurs & home offices

What you will discover:

  • What is working well and what needs to be changed in your immediate working environment.
  • How to judge the best possible position of your furniture and equipment using your body as a guide.
  • Commonly found awkward work postures and the link to musculoskeletal pain.
  • Mental and physical practice of skills so they become second nature.
  • Personalised mentoring to fine-tune your posture, seating and desk.
  • How a comfortable and relaxed work posture actually feels in your body when you are working.
  • Simple and easy work hacks to adjust your workstation without needing expensive new furniture or gadgets, or to adjust overhead lighting.
  • How to troubleshoot pain and discomfort, so you know what is causing your pain, and how you can fine-tune your work station to minimise the issue.
  • Ways to create breaks at the best times for you to avoid concentration slumps and those dreaded snack attacks!

Course Structure

Our one-on-one sessions last approximately 90 minutes.

Office Ergonomics Training, managers, solopreneurs & home offices

What the Training Includes:

  • Your training includes a pre-training survey and participant questionnaire to refine and target the program to meet your specific issues and needs. (No cookie cutter training here!)
  • A comprehensive set of training notes and quick reference summary sheets.
  • Post-training follow-up sheet designed to reinforce your key training points.
  • Depending on issues that may have arisen during the training, after your session we will forward additional work tips and tricks to further increase your comfort.

Client Feedback 

“I thought I had my desk environment set up correctly for my work requirements. However, with some clever little changes to desk set-up and with some simple but practical advice from Practical Ergonomics I was able to make improvements that provided immediate benefits and no doubt long-term advantage”.

Steve Knyn Avigate – Director

“The program really opened my eyes to some ergonomic and workplace setup issues at home. The material helped raise attention to fixing my chair lumbar, adjust monitors and learn better practices for keyboard / mouse / phone placement. For people who work from home, this is a must have program to go through to ensure maximum comfort to perform in your relevant job.”

Simon Clarke Suncorp – Digital Banking Manager

Want proven results from your Office Ergonomics Training?

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