Team Leader Ergonomics Training

Fine-tune Your Call Centre Team

Ensuring a safe system of work through individual responsibility.

Fine Tune Your Call Centre Team helps call centre team leaders and managers to easily adjust their own workspace for maximum comfort and health, using tools they carry with them everywhere – their bodies.

It also gives them practical tools and strategies to embed the learning in their teams, track and measure performance and ensure a safe system of work.

What call centre team leaders will discover:

  • All of the personal benefits of the Fine Tune Your Call Centre Workstation
  • A simple performance review tool that encourages training application and ongoing skills development.
  • How to mentor new and existing team members in effective office ergonomics.
  • How to troubleshoot problems and work with individual workers to resolve issues.
Call Centre Training

Course Structure

This program is run in advance of staff training courses and is designed to provide call centre team leaders with additional mentoring and program management skills.

The program is delivered over four focused sessions. Our group sessions are designed to fit within existing training and team meeting times to ensure no lost time in the workplace. Our one-on-one sessions are conducted at the team leader’s own workstation.

Call Centre Training

Session 1: Office Ergonomic Foundations (Group – 60 minutes)

  • Overview of essential knowledge and skills.
  • Demonstration and practice of essential skills.
  • Group problem solving.

Session 2: Personalised Mentoring (One-on-one – 15 minutes)

  • Skills refinement to meet individual needs at the workstation.
  • Adjustments made based on the worker’s personal body shape and needs.
  • Feedback on current work habits, routines and work posture.

Session 3: Troubleshooting (Group – 60 minutes)

  • Diagnostic tools that identify problems, causes and solutions.
  • Demonstration and practice of problem identification and solutions.
  • Review of in-house WH&S procedures.

Session 4: Measurement, Assessment and Training (Group – 30 minutes)

  • Strategies to ensure application of new skills in the workplace.
  • Reasonable adjustment strategies for people with disabilities or who are experiencing pain or injury.
  • Diagnostic and assessment tools to measure performance.
  • Process for tracking the care of individuals with identified discomfort issues and then the reporting required when additional assistance is required to help prevent an injury or to manage a return to work plan.

Client Feedback 

“Until I undertook the ergonomics training, I didn’t realise that my workstation was set up incorrectly and the bad postures that I had developed over time.  The course has given me good insight on how important it is to have my workstation set up correctly and to be comfortable whilst sitting for long periods of time.  The simple illustrations are easy to follow and are now beside my workstation to prompt me.  Our employees feel like someone was trying to help them prevent unnecessary physical discomfort.   Additionally, the training will enable me to make the best decision when purchasing equipment that delivers the best valuable ergonomic solution”

Kathy Winkcup MTA Institute of Technology – Business Manager and Group Accountant

“I found the training and knowledge you provided to be very comprehensive. Little things, such as the monitor height on the desk, which I already though I knew about, proved to be really interesting and beneficial. I have now changed my monitor height, which has improved my neck position and reduced the strain previously felt in this area”.

Paul Kulpa MTAQ Brisbane – Training Operations


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